Your team’s mission is to complete 100 tasks in 5 hours.

Tasks include taking photos, collecting items, and gathering information - all around the Ginza area.

Gather some friends and sign up as a team, or join as an individual and we'll place you on a team.

Afterwards we will gather to eat, drink, and share memorable stories from the day.

We will tally the scores and announce the winners!

Saturday, September 30th

Scavenger Hunt
1:00pm - 6:00pm

After Party
6:30pm - 8:30pm

Meeting Spot in Ginza
The Godzilla Statue in Ginza

Hibiya Station on Hibiya Line
A5 exit and turn left

There is a small public square and a Starbucks

¥3,000 / per person

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team of 4
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Why should you join?
Who is this for?
  • Meet new and interesting people
  • Explore the details of Tokyo’s most famous neighborhoods
  • Challenge your navigation, problem-solving, and teamwork skills
  • People seeking something fresh to do
  • People wanting to explore Tokyo beyond the touristic locations
  • People looking for a fun challenge and international experience
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12:20: Arrive at the meeting spot

12:30: All captain's meeting

13:00 - 18:00: Scavenger Hunt!

18:00 - 18:30: Head to the restaurant

18:30 - 20:30: Dinner, drinks, and awards

*All Captains meeting will provide important information about the day.
*If your team shows up late the other groups will get a head start!
*You must arrive at the restaurant by 19:00 in order to qualify to win.
The task list will become live at 1pm!
Tasks consist the following: A) collect an item B) take a photo/video C) record some information
  • Each task is assigned a point value ranging from 1-5.
  • There are special tasks (exercise challenge, puzzles, etc.) that are worth 20.
  • The winning team is determined by the total points accumulated during the hunt.
Important Request

Important Note: In the spirit of fun, try to rely on your brain and teammates more than Google. Asking people in shops and on the street can get you quite far.

  • There will multiple teams competing at the same time
  • Teams can have a minimum of 2 people, maximum of 4 people.
  • We accept individual and team sign-ups. If you sign up as an individual, you will be placed on a team. If you sign up as a team of 2 or 3 people, please understand you may have 1 or 2 individual sign-ups added to your team.
  • All teams will have a designated captain
  1. A pen or pencil
  2. A fully charged phone or digital camera for taking pictures / videos
  • Scavenger Hunt Fee: 3,000 yen (tax incl.) per person
  • Team Sign-up Fee: 10,000 yen (tax incl.) * Save 500 yen per person
* Payments are to be made online in advance.

The After Party
  • The after party will be held at the Shinbashi Ginza Hub. People will order as they wish and pay for themselves at the party.
  • There will be some small prizes awarded to the winners